Friday, September 18, 2009

chicken a la carte

At first i didn't get the video because it seemed to just be about two girls going to a mall and shopping- boring and not very interesting; but then you see the end and realise what's happening.

The irony- if you can call it irony, is that this is in one of the poorest nations in the (so-called) third world- the philippines. The disparaging gap between the rich and the poor is wider than the grand canyon in the u.s.. It's very sad indeed. I feel sorry for all the people there, rich and poor alike. I feel sorry for the family who has to eat the "garbage food" and risk food poisoning constantly at every meal (which probably happens often). Garbage i wouldn't even feed stray cats in my neighbourhood. I also feel sorry, and in some ways feel worse- for people who are oblivious to that suffering, to the dire poverty around them daily, not in a judgemental way, but just to say that they are first of all missing out on an incredible opportunity to serve those in need which is our privilege and joy; and secondly, that their focus is so small and limited, it's like watching those poor horses drag carts around with blinders on. That's what it's like for them and yet they can't see or realise how truly blind they are. How blind we ALL can be at times. This is what is truly sad.

Life is short, how much good do we leave undone in the world around us while we live?
I pray for all- that the poor may find justice, the hungry may be filled, and those who are blind and ignorant to the suffering around them may open their eyes and see the great opportunities before them.


"if you do not love the brother whom you see, how will you be able to love God whom you do not see?" - St Elizabeth the New-Martyr


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