Friday, September 25, 2009

feed the birds, tuppence a bag

(*note another old blog from 2007)

when i was growing up as a child, we only ever had a dog as a 'pet'. i always wanted to have other animals as a child.
my mother says when i was an infant, i used to feed crumbs to the little mice and even ants near my crib. i remember having two little birds though when i was about 4 or 5 years old (i can't remember how old i was).

i remember watching mary poppins as a child and this song really etched itself in my mind i think.

every so often over the past few months while here at the old house in the woods, i've had to take care of and prepare the food and feed all the animals myself, cats, bunnies, birds, pig, dog, etc.
i have to say as much as i love them all it can be stressful sometimes and really wears me out some days...
last night while i was taking care of something for the cats, getting their food bowls cleaned or cleaning the litter (a job i definitely do not enjoy, but has to be done), i heard this song from iTunes that matt had playing in the background, disney songs mostly and i heard this song playing.
matt always gets choked up when he hears this song and so do i.
so as i was busy getting a little stressed with taking care of some of the chores for the animals i heard this song and it just completely lifted my heart like a balloon getting filled with that gas that makes your voice sound funny. it hit me like a dart hitting a bull's eye, and why i do all this work for the animals, both at home and elsewhere- feed the birds, tuppence a bag....

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