Wednesday, September 9, 2009

message from an older shelter cat

Currently, i am hoping and praying to find a realistic, and successful way of rescuing some stray/feral cats, at least two that are really needing to be rescued.
One has a bad left paw and lives in a parking lot (she's been called 'Flipper') and another one that is more urgently needing to be moved to a different home. He lives on the sidewalk near a street near a very busy supermarket mall and no one else (so far as i can tell is looking after him). He waits for me to bring him food and water daily, but needs a new home. He cannot be caught easily as i am guessing he is either feral, or an abused stray who was at one point living at a person's home but was abandoned or kicked out.

This poem is sad, poignant, and if nothing else, it makes you think. Hopefully and more importantly it makes you feel something.

The thing is....people can sometimes make all kinds of excuses for not wanting to take care of someone- whether it is an elderly person we know, or an older pet, or any animal...some people just can't be bothered.
Some people don't like hearing this and some say there is no comparison...but if they'd only listen with their hearts they might see the similarity or the irony.
What if they had to move to a place that didn't allow children (and they had children), or didn't allow people who were black, asian, latino, irish, polish, cherokee, catholic, jewish, etc., and they happened to be one of those things or their spouse was, would they still insist on moving there?
"..Well, with 'pets' it's different- Someone will take care of them or give them a home."
Is it really too much to ask? Are our other 'priorities' in our life really that much more important?
Meanwhile, Lucky sits and waits...

Hi there - My name is "Lucky" and this is my story....

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Admitted October 2007 - I am told that I am the longest resident at The Finger Lakes SPCA...Does that make me "..lucky"..??? on.....

Message From An Older Shelter Cat

I sit alone and so confused behind these metal bars,

The loss that I am feeling will forever leave its scars.

My family left me here one day a month or two ago -

maybe a year, I don't know

They said, "Don't worry, Tabby, you'll find a home, we know."

It seems they'd bought a condo that said "No Pets Permitted".

I thought they'd never leave me, but then they went and did it.

My favorite windowsill is gone where I used to lay and sun.

I cried all night the day they left and remembered years of fun.

The people stop and look at me and always say, "Poor Thing".

Then they choose a kitten, when they could have had a KING!

So, please, if you stop by my "home", just give me an extra rub.

I've given up being adopted, but I sure could use the love.

And if you really like me, please, please take me home with you.

I'll be real good, I promise, and love you long and true.


BATH NY 14810
CLOSED EA. Thursday &

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